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Auxilic: /au̯kˈː/, [au̯kˈsɪ.li.kː] “Latin derivation” – to help

We focus on powering what’s big about your business. Your differentiators. Unique characteristics. The people.  Through the intersection of visionary thinking, patient listening, and pragmatic execution, shareholder and stakeholder value is increased, and customer retention is solidified.  From discovery to proposal, planning, building and running the new strategy, we concentrate on all aspects of your company's marketing experience with a keen eye on customer journey build, omnichannel methodologies, buyer personas, customer acquisition, partner enablement and most importantly, revenue acceleration.


With offices in North America and throughout the European Union our management team has over a half-century of experience working on every continent with high-tech companies such as Cisco, Ciena, Cradlepoint, Ericsson, Genentech, Huawei, Linksys, Liferay, Lucent and Netgear. Our experience includes selling and marketing thru literally thousands of resellers to small businesses and enterprise customers worldwide.



The collaborate process is paramount to the Auxilic engagement model and starts with a shared vocabulary that will lead our strategic discussions and the shared vision of success. Our business conversations evolve into a clear declaration using a model of agreed direction, commitments, and a view of what success looks like.


Strategic Services

Small Business Marketing

Move away from random acts of marketing to a succinct strategy and include executions, customer journeys and metric reporting.


Plan, build and run a multifaceted marketing plan.


Implementation of the most cost effective digital experience including video execution of key content.

Reseller Marketing

Develop a marketing vision with strategic direction, execution elements and measurement focus.

Optimize vendor MDF and co-op funds.

Improve internal and external facing digital, social and/or incentive experience.

Vendor Channel Marketing

Increase demand generated by channel partners.


Optimize channel marketing spend for improved ROI.

Enable data driven decision making through improved analytics.

Digital Marketing

Build brand advocates through a flawless experience which includes account based marketing, social optimization, video storytelling, decision scenario calculators and more.


Plan and implement marketing automation strategies that support your marketing plan and deliver results.

Major Initiative Management

Accelerated campaign commencement.


Available concierge services for partners.


Ideation, strategy & content build, execution excellence.

Bionic Marketing

Next generation marketing using AI, algorithms  and machine learning to create better quality targeting, engagements and subsequently views and conversions.


Digital Experience

Modern digital experiences are the catalysts of a customer journey. Seamless digital experiences that work in concert with physical customer touchpoints help to increase conversions, accellerate the sales process and create customer delight after the purchase. 

We help our clients by making it easy, fast and cost-effective to design, create and implement modern digital experiences.

Modern Web and Commerce Sites

Ideation, creation, global hosting and maintenance of attractive websites that convert visitors to customers.

Micro-Sites and Landing Pages

Quick creation of micro-sites and landing pages for special events, promotions or new product launches.

Employee and Partner Portals

Cost effective creation of portals for special purposes such as workplace automation or partner relations.


Vendor Channel Marketing

What Decision Makers Are Saying

What Channel Marketeers Are Saying

Goals for Channel Marketing Strategy in the Next 12 months


Increasing Demand Generation By Partners.


Optimizing Channel Marketing Spend for Greater ROI.


Enabling Data Driven Decision Making through Improved Analytics.


Building Brand Advocates through a Flawless Experience.

Channel marketing has matured to the point that optimizing ROI and data driven decision-making are just as important as demand generation. Auxilic can help.


Tactical Services

Expertly crafted tactical marketing services are available à la carte or as part of an multifaceted journey based approach.

Content & Design

Writing services, content creation, web, info-graphics, product and promotional photography.

Customer Journey

Piecing marketing tactics into a path that efficiently moves the prospect towards acquisition.

Social Selling & Marketing

Social media ideation, cadence, management, creative services & measurement.


Search engine marketing and optimization. Implementation of SEO analytics and reporting tools.

Buyer Personas

Building the verticalized buying personas of your target audience or multiple target audiences.


Communicate with style, improve delivery and have better message retention across your audiences.

Case Studies

Case study ideation, creation, production video, infographics, delivered in multiple languages.

PR & Communications

Press and public relations strategy planning, building, and execution. Existing partnership coverage in North America and Europe.

Video Storytelling

Transform the mundane into attractive and compelling video content, value proposition, and best practice sharing.

Decission Calculators

We build compelling decision calculators that enable your customers to enter key variable data and observe positive outcomes in your brand’s favor.




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