About Us

Our passion is to help small and medium-sized businesses go-to-market, build their brands, and market smarter and more efficiently.

Think of us as the “wind in your sales” (no, that’s not a misspelling) as we tackle each engagement with the mission of transforming the perception of marketing away from being just a cost center to a tangible and predictable brand-value and revenue driver.  

Stuck in the rut of random acts of marketing? - - that’s simply not our thing.    

Our unique value lies in our ability to combine years of working in the trenches on sales calls, in laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and board rooms, with clever and modern marketing techniques chosen to drive that metric that stakeholders value most.   Hint, it begins with an R.


Robert Auci

I am passionate about driving results and revenue through the Intersection of creative marketing and focused channel and sales engagement. 


My background is  25 years in senior marketing and sales leadership roles in high-growth companies like Cradlepoint, Ciena, Cisco Systems, Linksys, Viking Technology and Genentech. Iam based in Southern California.


Ralf Labeda

My passion focuses on customer experience and driving results and revenue through the intersection of modern digital marketing strategies and leveraging open-source-based and leading-edge web-technologies.

My background is  25 years in senior sales and marketing leadership roles in high-growth companies like Liferay, Ciena, Netgear, op5, Cisco Systems and Linksys. Iam based in Uppsala, Sweden.


Our Engagements

Our engagements start always with a dialogue that results in a joint vision of what success looks like to you. 


  • What are your aspirational value proposition to customers, partners, investors, and/or employees?
  • What is your team's shared view of success?
  • How can you drive effective collaboration throughout your organization?

Based on those insights and a joint vision of what success looks like we form a plan and start to execute.