Auxilic DXP

The easiest way to establish your company's online presence and grow your business – starting at $500/month.

Every business needs a Digital Experience Platform or DXP.  And when you decide to build your DXP, you need collaborators, not contractors.  Auxilic DXP is feature-rich yet purpose-built with small and mid-size businesses in mind.   Built by marketers, sales, and tech experts who have seen the good, the bad, the costly, the too cheap, the 100% DIY, and the overpriced DXPs. 

We understand your challenges and bridge the gap between low-cost online "do-it-yourself" tools and web agencies that often fall outside the marketing budget of a small or mid-size business.

We not only provide a highly-secure tool for building digital experiences, but we also provide the expertise and execution that ensures business growth and customer satisfaction.

What We Deliver

  • Foundational Digital Elements – web and/or ecommerce site(s)
  • Agile Content Platform - Easy content creation, posting, and sharing
  • Efficient SEO
  • Lead generation
  • Easy social sharing    

How You Benefit

  • Design, build, execution, sales, and marketing expertise
  • Purpose-built so you purchase only what you need
  • No more Do It Yourself websites and cumbersome maintenance
  • No hiring risk and high costs
  • Design with demand generation in mind
  • Regularly provided analytics and metrics