Top Marketing Goals in a Box: Improve SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that helps websites rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. It takes time and effort, but it can be gratifying if done correctly.   Remember, search will always be relevant – people are not leaving their propensity to search, so be present and be in the game.


Keywords, link building, metadata, social media integration, UX navigation, content creation, and many more strategies help optimize your website for search engines so that more people can find you and you rank higher in search.    But be patient, especially if you are used to the quick (and expensive) drug called paid advertising. Today's search techniques are ever-changing, and the landscape is becoming more and more competitive by the click.  


With billions of sites and blogs available, put yourself in Google's shoes.  In fact, it's more important than ever to stay up-to-date with SEO best practices and techniques to optimize your digital marketing content, campaigns, and sites. Google has to be super competitive when it builds (and constantly refines) the algorithms that decide what content is most relevant and where it should rank. Google has competitors, too, and must maintain its reputation as the most efficient search engine.  So think logically; up-to-date content, quality content, well-organized web structures, fast loading, secure websites, and mobile-friendly sites are just a few of the key improvement variables to shoot for in next year's marketing plan.


If you are not yet incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy, it is time to get started. Remember that the process takes time but be patient and learn (or get professional help) to deploy and keep up to date with all of the key techniques so you can see results. The sooner you start implementing these strategies, the more quickly they will grow your business's visibility online. What have been some of your favorite SEO tips or tactics? Let us know using the button below!