Digital Marketing Experience

The merging of consumer and B2B content consumption and decision-making models is evident. The buying patterns observed among consumers are now permeating B2B behavior. We are witnessing a growing inclination towards independent research, where a significant portion of the purchasing journey is self-guided even before a client engages with sales.

Auxilic DXP: Digital Experience Platform

At Auxilic, we specialize in helping you cultivate brand advocates through a seamless digital experience. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses strategic planning, development, and management of your account-based marketing plan. We also offer the expertise to construct a financially optimized social media and SEO strategy. Additionally, we leverage the power of impactful mediums such as video storytelling and case studies, which are widely viewed. Our capabilities extend to building decision scenario calculators and configurators, among many other services.

Our methodologies thoroughly examine the optimal paths for your specific targeted buyer personas. We consider multifaceted approaches to leverage the platforms and channels they frequent for independent research. Furthermore, we analyze the influential factors and individuals that commonly shape their decisions. It's crucial to recognize that your digital persona may be the sole representation your client encounters. Hence, it must leave a lasting impact, deployed across multiple channels, with visually appealing and compelling content that sets you apart from the competition.

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What We Deliver

  • Digital disruption


  • Social media execution

  • Rich media executions

  • Decision calculators

  • Website and eCommerce design 

How You Benefit

  • Gain an expertly built digital plan to hunt or farm

  • An optimized blend of paid and organic search

  • Targeted or comprehensive social execution

  • Use of video, graphics, and animation to highlight your company, wins, stories, and promotions

  • Immersive and interactive digital experience calculators driving new customer acquisition

  • Receive a beautifully designed, navigationally friendly, and maintained web or eCommerce site