Small Business Marketing and vCMO Services

Understanding the nuances of marketing as a small business is no trivial matter.  Many small companies make similar mistakes, that fortunately are correctable, and although their marketing executions can often be characterized as well-intentioned, they commonly lack a cohesive plan and enough marketing experience across various mediums, such as digital platforms and social networks, to spend wisely.  

With Auxilic, you can move away from random acts of marketing to a straightforward strategy that includes team members with experience working as and for small businesses. Your customers' digital experience with your brand is critical in today's world of self-driven research and singular decision making.

There are various marketing execution options, customer journeys, and metric reporting strategies that can play a critical role in your company's prospecting and branding success.  Plan, build, and run a multifaceted marketing plan and implement the most cost-effective digital experience with Auxilic's expert guidance.

What We Deliver

  • Virtual CMO
  • Marketing Planning 
  • Marketing Build
  • Marketing Execution 
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Brand and Messaging Guidelines

How You Benefit

  • Affordable vCMO execution or team coaching
  • Multi-faceted plan for your business, move away from random executions
  • Content creation, campaign organization
  • One partner for all your marketing execution
  • Understand how your executions are performing
  • Invent or re-invent your brand identity